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Are You Hearing the Whisper of a Sacred Fire?…

For some, the call of Sacred Fire is felt as a vague restlessness. One which steadily grows until it can no longer be ignored. For others, it appears in the form of a dramatic life change, such as:

  • a health issue,
  • a layoff
  • a breakup
  • some other apparent “loss” perfectly timed for your emergence. 

My own growing restlessness in the summer of 2006, was joined by the rapid decline and eventual close of my family retail business which had provided my earlier exit from a career in healthcare.  I had no way of knowing that all of this discomfort—made more dramatic by a business that was circling the drain—was simultaneously hinting at the career I had craved my entire life.

Nor did I know that with that new career, my Sacred Fire would burn brightly enough to light the way for others, so they too could experience a renewed purpose in their lives.   


My Story...

My name is Nancy Herold. The picture of the woman playing guitar at the top of this page is me at age 51.  I can tell you it is a very different picture from that of the harried business owner who left behind her dream of being a professional musician while working as a nurse, more than a decade before.

It was only much later that I would learn: our dreams do not have an expiration date.

I have acquired my perfect career. It looks very different than I originally imagined and is far richer than I could have ever thought possible.  While I still perform in concert settings, fine dining establishments and other businesses appropriate for my celtic/folk style and easy listening vocals, these days my original music crafted as a singer songwriter also complements my workshops and professional speaking.

The journey that brought me to this point was one I never intended. Having authored a book after the close of my business to help others “find their bliss” under challenging circumstances, I continued hosting a radio show of experts explaining how it could be done.  As a result, I found that I was getting increasingly asked to speak on the subject of reinventing one’s life. 

The music added to the speaking provided an enhancement for my message, which in turn helped the audience remember the information while increasing their capacity for positive change.  From there I was led to utilize my earlier corporate training skills and healthcare background to offer one-on-one coaching and seminars

Little did I know….


In a Foundry Fueled by Sacred Fire, Nothing Goes to Waste….  

I tell my clients Sacred Fire is a perfect example of renewable energy.

Everything you have learned, all experiences acquired, each skill, talent, attribute and ability that you own is able to be leveraged for a life of greater passion, purpose and prosperity. 
To “reinvent” your life you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but learn to use what you already have and “refine it or mine it” to acquire what you want. 

Truth be told, if you take the time to examine the patterns you usually find a virtual trail of breadcrumbs in recurring messages or experiences throughout the years.  As an example: for what talents or abilities do you receive compliments from others?   What comes to you easily—perhaps so easily that you don’t even think of it as a gift that someone else could use or appreciate?    


Why Sacred Fire?

Sacred Fire is universal.

Throughout the ages, in every timeline and land mass where humans once lived, you can find a reference to sacred fire. The Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome tended a literal “sacred fire” believed to be the representation of their divinity. Native Americans past and present still honor it as a symbol of continuity.  In Hindu culture, sacred fire symbolizes Kundalini energy—otherwise known as the dormant potential that exists in all humans—while modern day Aborigines reference it as a symbol of their liberation. Add to that the references by Celtic clans and Inuit peoples and the significance of this as a global theme begins to take shape.

Understood as much in context as by definition, I believe it is the link for our Divine-Human connection; one which is authentic, dynamic, luminous, and cleansing.  Sacred Fire recognizes that we originate from the same Source, yet acknowledges us individually as having a purpose for being here. A purpose which when shared…

—holds the power of the cosmos.



What Are You Waiting For?

Now more than ever, humanity is being called upon to recognize our interdependence and connection with one another.    Our current tendency to label ourselves by race, religion, politics, gender and beliefs, may have been useful at one time; yet it now creates many more barriers than bridges.

There is a better way.

We can instead choose to define ourselves by the natural gifts we share with ease and grace, helping us to discover what can be accomplished in community.  The payoff for this is quite simple: our own lives become richer and more meaningful, as do our relationships, our health, our finances and our future. 

It is our time…yet it remains our choice.


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