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Sacred Fire Living is on hiatus until later in 2012 while Nancy completes another book in her “Sacred Fire” series. However we have included some earlier broadcasts that Nancy hosted under her stage name of Adrianna Larkin while being featured on the CrystalClearSpeaks Network and invite you to listen to the great information offered by this diverse group of speakers.

Look for more to be added to this page from the Health and Harmony Network beginning January 2012.

Crystal Clear Speaks

Dr. Bruce Lipton, (www.brucelipton.com) author of The Biology of Belief  and The Wisdom of Your Cells is Adrianna Larkin's Special Guest. Dr.Lipton is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit
Crystal Clear Speaks

Al Diaz, author of The Titus Concept, (www.ilumine-ao.com) is host of his own program on Blogtalkradio (Ilumine Ao) as well as a teacher and host of regular seminars which provide valuable information, to others to help them create the life they want.

Crystal Clear Speaks

Joe Nunziata (www.jnunziata.com)is an internationally renown speaker, author, and expert in helping others to remove the unconscious blocks. Joe’s Book Spiritual Selling combines proven sales techniques with the spiritual laws for success.

Crystal Clear Speaks

“Lady Jazz” Mae Wheeler returns to share her music, wisdom, love & laughter as she prepares to celebrate her 75th birthday. Performing since the age of 15, she has served as mentor, inspiration and teacher to hundreds of young artists and providing them assistance with education through the Mae Wheeler Scholarship Fund.
Crystal Clear Speaks

Sonia Choquette (www.soniachoquette.com) is Adrianna’s special guest. As an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive, guide and masterful catalyst, she offers her special gift of energetically activating the highest vibration of everyone she meets to free their authentic spirit. Tonight she and Adrianna discuss her book Your Hearts Desire - Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want.

Crystal Clear Speaks

Dr. Eric Pearl, (http://www.thereconnection.com) author of The Reconnection, joins Adrianna Larkin to discuss his experience in Reconnective Healing, as well as his presentation in the movie, "The Living Matrix - The New Science of Healing"





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